Leoded in English

Leoded is a Community based program aimed towards offering spiritual and emotional assistance to people affected by mental illness, terminal and extreme medical conditions, people deprived from their freedom, and those who are going through hard times and crises that may endanger their lives.
So far, after 17 years of experience we have reached out to 22550 people in hospitals, health centers, homes, elderly homes, half-way houses, refuge homes, and detention centers.
Each person that is visited is registered in a database that enables us to follow up their situation, and then pursue their integration into jewish community activities.
Many patients have been taken into aid programs, approved for social funding, and referred to rehab centers, elderly homes, and communities for their social insertion.
Leoded holds the forth for a group of patients in a compromised legal situation due to their poor judgement and frail mental health, and cooperates in providing legal assistance and maintaining advocacy for these people at courts.
We also receive many calls in order to assist people with different religious beliefs who wish for a Rabbi so they can to talk to.
Director: Rabbi Moshe Blumenfeld
Central Office: Jean Jaures 314 – Buenos Aires
Phone: +54 +11  5276-5436 / 5276-5437
E-Mail: moshe@vienemashiaj.com 

PayPal User; vienemashiaj@gmail.com

With Your Help We Can Help.
Leoded depends entirely of voluntary contributions and donations. You can make a difference in the life of a fellow in need.
Be part of this project of goodness!
Leoded (lit. To encourage) is a not for profit organization located in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
It was founded in 1999 with a main goal of assisting people directly in order to provide them with economic and spiritual needs.
People who beneft from Leoded’s direct action are the mentally ill with no family, terminal patients, incarcerated men and women, homeless, and people with severe traumas among others in need.
This program has a well established action plan, with specific objectives such as social insertion for the mentally ill currently residing in large neuropsychiatric facilities; medical control, providing medication and additional attention when needed, therapeutic assistants at homes and facilities, partial hospitalization programs, vocational program, nursing, chronic treatment for adults and children with terminal or extreme illnesses, and also assistance and rehabilitation for traumatic injuries that have not received proper care due to accesibility restraints.
Leoded assists elderly people, people with no families or relatives that are alone and sometimes in despair, people with drug, alcohol and gambling problems, and families with serious crises threatening their cohesion.
Our interdisciplinary team is formed by psychologists, therapists, psychiatrists, general practitioners, lawyers, social workers, and highly qualified volunteers.
Leoded benefits more than 1200 people every year, and we keep on counting!
Our mission is to reach out to every jewish person in need, wherever they might be.